The Love Of My Life

Dear my son,

Look at meMy eyes just shimmering to see your innocent face
I dare to give my self, my world, my life
Seeing you grow, health and smartAsk no return for everything I do for you
Hope only for the best happen to your life and your love
Because I do it all with love for youMy son,
Maybe the world is not as warm as your bed
Is not as sweet as your smile
Is not as easy as you sleep
Is not as frendly as you talk to me
Is not as beatiful like Jasmine in our yard
My son,
You must believe
I always and forever at your sidewherever I am
When then you start to walk by your self
Building your dream
Reaching your star
Up and down in your life
Fighting for your believeI will always love you deeply
Because you are the Love Of My Life
As a Gift  from God to me




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